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5 lovely things about coming home after a holiday

For those of you who are regular visitors (thanks!), you may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here lately. Sorry, I was gallivanting around Toronto – but it’s nice to be home.

I don’t know about you guys, but in the run up to a holiday, all I can think about is how great it’s going to be to not wake up early for work, how great it’ll be to explore somewhere totally different, and how great all the super exciting stuff I’ve planned is going to be.

Not nearly enough people working full-time take their full holiday allowance, which is criminal really. Sometimes all it takes is a break from work and the general humdrum of daily life to give you a new lease of life and the chance to rest and restore. Do what you want for a few days.

There’s a lot to be said for taking a lengthier break, as well. I’m usually more of a city-break person myself, so I’m not normally away for more than four or five nights. My trip to Toronto was almost two weeks – and by the end of it, I was so ready to be back home.

These are the things I noticed when I got back.


The first cup of tea

I mean… I’m British so it goes without saying. It’s just not the same anywhere else. Whether it’s the brand of tea bag, the water, or just the fact it’s not in your favourite mug – tea tastes best at home.

Clicking the kettle on, fetching said mug and crafting the brew you’ve been craving for the last however many days is a ritual on returning home. Sip.

Ahh, that’s better.


You know where everything is

Often, what’s so exciting about holidays it the fact it’s so different to your everyday life.

But familiarity is one of the main joys of coming home. We stayed in an apartment in the city and I had little success locating the objects I needed, when I needed them.

Forks? Where are the forks? I thought they were in this draw? This one?

No, this one.

But it’s not even as specific as that. After an adventurous jaunt away, coming back to a established routine can feel pleasantly reassuring. You speak the language, you know the currency (do not underestimate) you know the unspoken societal laws, you know which shop is open for when you need to do an emergency pizza run (it’s real).

Okay, okay. It’s basically the Cheers theme song.


“I missed you!”

Aw, this one is lovely. Whether it’s a colleague at work, your mum, your best friend, whatever – being told that you were missed is always a nice feeling. That lovely sense that you have a positive impact on someone’s life is sure to get the happy hormones flowing.

Even if it’s just knowing where a pesky spreadsheet was buried on the server. I’ll take it.


Sharing stories

Part of the joy of coming home is getting to share the experiences you’ve had with other people. To be clear, this is not bragging. For me, it’s more about sharing the totally bewildering or hilarious moments that happened that made you think of a particular person back home who would love. It.

Like when a brand-spanking new black Mustang rocked up next to us as we ambled on the sidewalk and out got… a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver. Or the toothless subway lady that made terrible jokes but was cute af anyway. Or when the stadium that you can see from your balcony decides to open its roof and out walks U2.

Those kind of moments that are unique, fun, and totally representative of the place you’ve visited – or are totally unlike home. And I bet all my friends are totally okay with me babbling on.


Feeling refreshed and invigorated

It’s the main reason that we all should take our full holiday allowances. I didn’t get the Sunday blues the night before I returned to work. Actually, I was looking forward to going in and seeing everyone.

Of course, as someone who had to take some time away from work last year, I know it’s not all sunshine and roses. I knew the best part of the morning was going to be spent reading emails. The fact that I brought in maple syrup cream cookies only served to sweeten Monday that little bit more.

But this is why taking a break is so important. You get valuable time to yourself without having to endure the pressures of everyday life.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you book that week off soon, yeah?

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