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7 little moments of happiness to savour

I read articles and books all the time that suggest humans aren’t inherently unhappy creatures – we choose to be. Unsurprisingly, the lens we see life through makes a rather big difference to our wellbeing, even affecting how long we might live.

And so, on International Happiness Day (lovely that such a thing exists), I thought I’d share the small moments that have the power to brighten my week substantially. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big fancy holiday or an indulgent purchase or two – but those don’t happen every day. It’s these smaller, unassuming occurrences that sometimes are just enough to earn a smile on a tough day.

Treat yoself

Whether it’s the most calorific food you can lay your hands on or an item you’ve been lusting after, it’s nice to treat ourselves now and again. Plus, there’s a lot to be said for taking a brief time out from our everyday routines to enjoy a moment to ourselves.

My go-to is curling up in bed with a brand new book (as if I have space for the ones I have), a scented candle and some form of carbohydrate. Any will do – but if you’ve got shortbread or flapjacks I’ll be your best friend.

No cause for alarm

For those of us who struggle in the mornings… is there a better feeling than knowing you’ll wake up when you’re actually good and ready?

Save your shrill beeping for another day, you bastard.

Scent-sational bedsheets

Oh my heavens. The scent of fresh laundry is one thing, but completely cocooning yourself in it? That is some next-level serotonin boost right there, my friend. Couple that with my previous point and you’re winning at bedtime. Pure bliss.

Putting the world to rights

As I write this, I’ve just finished an hour-long phone call with one of my best friends. It’s nice to catch up completely distraction-free – no TV, no social media scrolling in the background – and devote all of your attention to someone. Whether it’s a pint down the pub or a lengthier text exchange, a chat with friends is one of the best ways to get the warm fuzzies.


This one’s a cliché, I know. But it turns out that today, as well as being International Day of Happiness, is also the first day of spring (although in Britain you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference). Still, I can’t help but feel content when a cool breeze flutters the curtains and the birds are chirruping outside.

(I should add that there is a line with this one. Swap cute little tweety-birds for seagulls who like to tap dance on your roof and it’s a rather different story.)

A nice cup of tea

…or whatever hot drink takes your fancy. I don’t know about you, but there are some mornings when I get my coffee just right. It always gets a happy sigh. Similarly, a super-silky, frothy hot chocolate when it’s cold as heck. There’s just something inexplicably comforting about wrapping your fingers around your favourite mug and sitting back to enjoy it.


I love the happy moments I couldn’t possibly predict. An impromptu conversation with a kind stranger. An excitable dog bounding up to me and demanding to be pet. When the sun breaks through the clouds. When I have the road to myself and a sweet, sweet playlist going on.

The unexpected experiences that make life so vibrant and uniquely our own.

That dog though. Are you kidding me? It’s amazing.


What little moments in life make you happy? Leave me a comment or tweet me @positivepensive 😊

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