A woman blowdries her hair, covering her face

What if I get anxious in public?

Over the last four to six weeks, I’ve had a rather unfortunate spike in feeling anxious. It’s as though it’s reared it’s ugly head to say: ‘Ah yes, it’s been approximately three months since you really panicked about something. About time we changed that.’

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What does anxiety feel like?

Well, the short answer is ‘pretty terrible’ a lot of the time – but there are lots of different ways it can manifest itself. From physical symptoms, to emotionally draining thought processes, it’s different for everyone.

Christmas presents by the tree

10 reasons why Christmas shopping is stressful AF

I love Christmas shopping. It’s spending money, guilt-free! But alas, it isn’t all hot chocolates and skipping merrily from shop to shop with my credit card out. Oh no. Because of course, whilst I’m out doing my Christmas shopping and feelin’ mighty festive, so is everyone else. This, inevitably, causes rather a bit of stress. […]