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An anxious pessimist tries to find the positive
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Go-to activities for when you’re pretty much over it

You know those days where it feels like your brain and body have completely flat-lined? You’re low on energy, ready to collapse into a heap and sense stopped happening several hours ago.Yeah?

That’s me today.

So believe me when I tell you I found it more than a little bit tricky to motivate myself to come upstairs, pop myself down in the office and write this post. I’m a bit shattered – but I promised myself a post every Wednesday, and a post every Wednesday you shall get!

Still, it is rather tricky trying to dream up interesting/quality content for you when my brain is like:

We were stuck in traffic on our way home and I was racking my brain for inspiration, turning ideas over and over in my mind and repeatedly rejecting them. They weren’t even necessarily bad ideas but ones I knew I wouldn’t do justice today.

What am I going to write.

What am I going to write?!?!

And then it became obvious. Because let’s be honest, I’m not the only one that feels like this from time-to-time (or more often than we’d like to admit).

Introducing: my go-to list of things to do when you’re fresh out of fucks to give and it’s not even 5.30pm.

1. Netflix-and-try-to-stay-awake

I’m usually obsessed with trying to make every minute of my time productive somehow – so pretty much the only time I watch TV is when I really can’t be bothered to do anything else. Cue me ruining my other half’s Netflix recommendations with stellar trash TV like Ru Paul’s Drag Race and random comedy specials. SOZNOTSOZ. It’s the best kind of TV because it asks nothing of you. Just veg out and zone out.


2. Flip through recipe books

…or, better yet, the online equivalent. Regularly I have found myself trapped in the never-ending cycle of watching Tasty-style videos. I mean, there’s no way in hell I’m embarking on any of this deliciousness today – but I can look at pictures and drool and promise myself that maybe, I might one day get around to it. Possibly.


Adding items into my online shopping bag that I will never buy

…that or making my birthday shortlist really  far in advance. I must get a ‘SALE’ or ‘FREE DELIVERY’ email every other day, so this one’s easy as well as being surprisingly satisfying. Crazy-ass leggings that won’t flatter me at all? Add to shopping bag. Insanely beautiful dress I have no occasion for? Add to shopping bag. Sky-high heels I can’t walk in? Add to shopping bag.

Friendly tip: Do not do accompany this activity with alcohol. The risk factor of actually ordering sky rockets.


Entering the time-wasting chasm of social media

For when I’m feeling like the equivalent of a flat tyre, this is pretty much all I can manage. Facebook to Instagram to Twitter to Pinterest and, if I’m really going to commit for the evening, Reddit. They all welcome me with open arms.

Goodbye, any hope I held of being productive this evening. Hello cute animals and random viral videos.



Combined with any of the above, you’ve got yourself an unbeatable evening of chill. It doesn’t have to be healthy… but some days you’ve just got a hole that only popcorn/chocolate/nachos/ice cream can fill. And that’s totally okay.


Give up and sleep

Hey, it might only be 8.30pm but this can be that early night you’ve been promising yourself for God only knows how long. If you’re really pushing it, whack a podcast or audiobook on, lay back and accept that today was just not meant for being productive.

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