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An anxious pessimist tries to find the positive
A close-up of office stationery

8 irrational thoughts anxious people have at the office

Offices can be high-pressure environments – and it’s all too easy to think that everything is our fault thanks to pesky intrusive thoughts making our days that bit more anxiety-inducing.

Enjoy the GIF representation of the inner-workings of my brain.


1. The hell machine on my desk (aka phone) is ringing and the person on the end of it is going to ask me an impossible question and I’m going to sound like an idiot to everyone listening.

(I wish I gave as few hecks as this sassy baboon.)


2. The person I just emailed tutted at their computer. It must be because of something I said.


3. Catch-up meeting? Better start looking for jobs now.


4. Does this email sound too demanding? Smiley face there… and there. That should do it. Now they won’t think I’m a terrible person. Hopefully. Please.


5. The Small Talk Dilemma: Have I already asked them that? Is it too soon to ask what their weekend plans are? Why can’t I make drinks faster?!


6. Is it alright if I have this day off, even though no-one else has booked it? Is that okay, everyone? It’s totally fine if not. Honestly. No big deal.


7. Is it simultaneously hot and cold in here? How am I meant to dress for this? Does the air conditioning even work in this place?!


8. Appraisal season? Guess that means it’s time to rate myself on an arbitrary scale on every possible aspect of my working life and give myself a low scores for everything.

So done.

Luckily for my self-esteem, I’ve been reassured that these types of irrational thoughts are all apparently quite normal. So tell me, what do you find yourself thinking while you’re trying to work? Did I miss any obvious ones? Let me know!

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