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Why rain is the perfect weather for your low mood

Rain gets a lot of flak – and I’ve had quite enough of it. Aside from making sure we don’t all die of famine and the water cycle keeps on keeping on, it enables you to enjoy so much other cool shit. Here I am to remind you why rain is the real MVP.

You have absolutely no guilt

No need to make the most of the weather. No ridiculous 28-degree heat that makes you feel like you should probably be fighting for a space at the beach. Oh, no.

Today is your day. You can finally start that new Netflix series, finish that game you’ve been playing, lose yourself in a book or simply just luxuriate in not having to get dressed. Rainy day = time for you.


The sound

Find me a more relaxing sound than being inside cosied up while it tips it down with rain. I dare you.

There’s a reason why is so universally popular, guys. And hey, if it’s sunny out there and you’re not feeling it, just pretend. Pull the curtains shut, get Rainy Mood going and enjoy just chilling the fuck out.


Oh my god the SMELL

Legit, rain smells so good. It’s like if the words ‘pleasant’ or ‘relaxing’ had a smell, it would be during or post-rain. I initially thought this might just be me, but it isn’t. Back in 1964, two Australian dudes decided there needed to be a name for this glorious scent: petrichor.

Further evidence: you can damn well buy the scent from Demeter – creators of fragrances inspired by the everyday. I am not the only one.

Adnd hey, given that part of the word means ‘the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology’, I think I might actually be in the majority here. It’s literally divine. Don’t even deny it. Open up that window and just appreciate.


No-one else feels like going out either

Now, I like socialising (contrary to popular belief) but rain means there’s very little chance of enthusiasm for barbecues, parties, or going out in general. No-one wants to get all cold and wet. Much better to snuggle under a blanket in pyjamas.

So switch off your phone – there’s no ‘FOMO’ to be had here. Today is your time to shine.


Pathetic fallacy gets your low mood

When I wake up feeling listless, lethargic or simply in a sorry state of mind, the last thing I damn well need is to be confronted with sunshine beaming into my face.

It makes me feel like I have to do things. I have to be happy. I need to be productive and achieve stuff today.

But dark clouds, thunder and rain, they’re something else. I can still be productive but I’ve been handed a lifeline where the weather’s all like “Hey, I noticed you’re not feeling so hot today. Me neiths. Let’s both feel a bit shit together, eh? Meanwhile I just water these plants here and leave it at that.”

That guy’s got your back. It knows you’re not feeling going outside today and it’s given you an excuse. No sunbeams and soaring temperatures.  This is the excuse you were looking for to do what you want today.


It’s den-making time

As well as a multitude of soft furnishings, constructing a den takes precision, patience and an urge to be shut away from the world as we know it.

Sunshine does not invite these things. Sun makes you want to sit in the garden even though there are wasps and the sounds of other people.

Rain is the real MVP, and now my creative engineering skills can really come into play. Pass me the fairy lights, while you’re at it.


The joy of juxtaposition

See, I reckon what most people like about rain is getting out of it.

It’s coming home from walking to the shops, peeling off your clothes and sinking into a hot bath.

It’s cradling your cold hands around a hot cup of tea to warm your insides.

It’s candles, soft knitwear and fleecy slippers against sodden clothes, wind and wrestling with an umbrella.

Most of the joy to be had here is in the fact you don’t have to be outside in the cold, wet, discomfort of rain. You can create your own warm, cosy haven inside – and what that looks like is totally up to you.


And when you really can’t be arsed with the world today, the excuse for a bit of ‘me time’ and mindfulness is just the ticket.

Commence the downpours, please.

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