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Seven super subreddits for when you need distraction

I am an unabashed Reddit lurker. From the cute animal gifs to the thought-provoking discussions, there is just so much content to digest.Reddit, for those of you who don’t know (where have you been?!), is ‘the front page of the internet’. That is, it’s basically a platform where a bunch of people share content they like. That can be from sites around the web like news sources or social media, or their own original content. Aside from its slightly more sadistic cousin 4chan, it’s also pretty much the birthplace of memes.

Within Reddit are ‘subreddits’. Those are communities, or groups, that share thematic content. You like BBC’s Sherlock series? There’s a subreddit for that. You like music? There’s a subreddit for every genre. You like a particular breed of cat? There’s a subreddit for that.

“Now, that’s all fine and dandy,” you say, “but why should I care?”

I could wax lyrical about Reddit for a really long time. I literally wrote my dissertation about it. The reason I think Reddit is so great is because it’s a fantastic alternative to doing nothing.

You know when you’re having tricky thoughts that seem inescapable? Reddit.

You know when you’ve browsed Netflix for half an hour and still can’t settle, but your brain isn’t really up to anything more taxing? Reddit

When getting out of bed seems like the best you’re going to do manage today? Reddit.

Now that you’ve totally bought into it, let me introduce you to seven of my favourite subreddits for when my anxiety is sky high or my brain has checked out.


A nice easy one to get us going. Rather than trawling through your Instagram Explore feed, just head on over to this subreddit for some memes geared towards making you smile.

You’ll find comics, text posts, tweets, videos and all sorts that should keep you distracted for a little while.


Now, I love just looking through r/aww to see the latest adorable animals, but you can find those all over the internet.

This particular subreddit is dedicated to documenting those moments where a dog gets a bit derpy. It’s very funny, and usually also ticks the ‘adorable’ box too. Double win!


This one may not hold your attention for long, but it’s well worth a visit. People combine a music video with another song that shares the same beats per minute. Some of the results are outstanding, and may bring a smile to your face.

You’ll see a lot of LMFAO dancing here, but there are some other great surprises – go check it out!


The ideal subreddit for when you’re really looking to waste some time. This one is pure and simple: a Reddit user puts a question to the community. Other Redditors answer.

Questions can be straightforward, curious, philosophical, thought-provoking and, fair warning, triggering – so tread carefully. To give you a taste, here are some recent ones:

“What are your best ways to shut down a conversation?”
“What quote made you think a different way?”
“Reddit, what is truly a blessing, but also a curse?”
“What is a great YouTube channel to binge watch?”
“What was victory as a kid but defeat as an adult?”

Don’t get lost in there, folks.


The best subreddits have a simple premise, and this is no exception. Someone posts an image, other Redditors use their mad Photoshop skills to doctor it into something else. It’s a great fusion of humour and outstanding creativity, with plenty of silliness thrown in.

This one starts simple enough and descends into all kinds of chaos. Let the fun commence.


This one’s purely for the visuals. Unsurprisingly, in EarthPorn you’ll find a collection of high-quality photographs of landscapes from all over the world. They’re super beautiful and super likely to instil some wanderlust.

Like this one:


Just people sharing the types of thoughts that occur to them in the best thinking space of all: the shower. Content ranges from the whimsical (At the age of 60, Snoop Dogg will be 420 in dog years) to the relatable (Anxiety is like when video game combat music is playing but you can’t find any enemies).

There’s not much more to it than that. Some posts will spark a surprised ‘Huh.’, while other comment sections will turn into AskReddit Lite and prove to be quite the time sink.

For those of you out there who enjoy a bit of Redditing already, did I miss any great ones you love to peruse? For those of you unfamiliar with the site: Happy Redditing!

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  1. For me…
    r/MadeMeSmile – For when you need a reminder that there is good in the world.
    r/WeatherGifs – Because watching snow fall and lightning strike in slomo is all kinda of relaxing!

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